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News-Net provides first-class software solutions, programming, integration and development to over 1,500 newspapers throughout North America. A trusted supplier to the publishing industry since its inception over 30 years ago, News-Net has continually grown marketshare and develops affordable cost-cutting and leading-edge technologies for the publishing industry.

News-Net is a leading company that provides fully compatible cross platform technologies for Mac, Windows and Web based solutions that scale across groups, dailies, tri-weeklies, magazines, associations, colleges and universities.

Advertising Management

AdWorks® is an enterprise level Ad Management system designed to leverage your group strengths in real-time. AdWorks provides a complete Media management system for Display and Classified ads, Accounts Receivable, Billing and an extremely powerful live reporting system to measure success across your group.

AdWorks has been developed from the ground up with the goal of delivering its features in an easy-to-use and learn interface, highly scalable and cross-platform Ad Management solution available. Built to handle hundreds of remote users, newspaper branches and office connections; AdWorks is designed to be accessible to everyone.

More than a Software Vendor, a Business Partner

AdWorks software was selected after a review of competitive solutions, including market-leading options. The News-Net team assisted us through a significant number of questions and demands, and proved their value as a trusted business partner, more than just a software vendor.

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IciMédias Goes Live on AdWorks® Ad Management Solution

Québec group selects AdWorks® solution for advertising and production management of 21 weeklies.

News-Net Inc. is pleased to announce that iciMédias has selected AdWorks advertising and production management solution as a […]

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Proud member of the Catholic Press Association



News-Net Inc. is pleased to announce it is now a proud member of the Catholic Press Association (CPA). The CPA is one of the most active and vibrant groups of Catholic communicators in the […]

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Top 10 Sales Tips for 2016

Selling is the core essence of every business. Whether you’re selling a product, service or idea, your business needs customers to stay afloat. Amidst the selling process, we all come across road blocks that […]

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AdWorks 5.5 is compatible with OSX El Capitan

AdWorks 5.5 client and AdWorks 5.5 server is now compatible with Apple OSX El Capitan (10.11.2).

AdWorks 5 users running OSX servers or workstations that wish to update to OSX El Capitan will be required to update to AdWorks 5.5. 

AdWorks 5.5 is available at no […]

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