The web based self-service advertising portal.

News-Net announced MyAdFlow™ at the National Newspaper Association’s annual convention.

MyAdFlow™ is a fully integrated online self-service advertising portal and media management system designed to manage relationships with advertisers, while significantly reducing labour and material costs.

MyAdFlow™ is the ultimate e-solution suite that has it all: e-tearsheets, e-proofing, e-ad-submission & management, e-invoices & statements and e-payments.

“Providing cost-effective ways to manage advertiser relationships is essential to building revenue” says Andrew Stolarz, CIO of News-Net. “MyAdFlow™ reduces labour and material costs while providing extended, faster and more productive services to the client.”

MyAdFlow™ is built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with News-Net’s flagship advertising management software, AdWorks®.



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