News-Net’s software and hardware technical support team is best in the industry. Each of our support team members has no less then 15 years experience in the publishing industry and extensive knowledge of News-Net’s products along with MEI’s software suite, Adobe, Quark, MultiAd, and many more, ensuring you receive the highest quality service in the fastest time possible.

We have technical support staff who are available for emergencies and are ready to come to your place of business to provide software and hardware support, and resolve any issues that are keeping you from getting your work done.

Technical Support

Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5pm EST.

T: 905-844-0524
F: 905-844-0093

Dedicated Support Reps

We assign you to a dedicated support rep who will be your point of contact whenever you have questions about using our softwares or other. Your support rep will strive to help you quickly as possible, as they learn about how you use our products or want to develop customized projects.

Experienced IT Staff

Our IT professionals have no less than 15 years of specialized experience in the newspaper and publishing industry so you receive top support when it comes to our softwares. Our IT professionals are dedicated to supporting you. When you have a question, we have the answers.

Customized for You

Should you have specific technical requirements when purchasing any of our software our IT staff are ready to answer your questions. We strive for you to have the best experience with our softwares and want to ensure your workflow is improved with the use of AdWorks and other products.

Timely Support

Our IT professionals are driven to provide you with the best user experience. We always strive to provide timely support whenever you need it to ensure issues are resolved quickly and easily. You can get in contact with your dedicated support rep or contact News-Net directly for support.